Monday, August 9, 2010

23 evangelism stories from last month!

The picture posted above is a picture of the evangelism team at Nightvision, one of the great times witnessing that we experienced last month (the story about Gabriel, posted below, happened at Nightvision). I posted the 17 evangelism ideas from the 1st month last week (you should check those out here) but forgot to post all the stories we shared last month. I figured it would be a good idea to put those stories up today! I hope you're getting an opportunity to apply the most recent ideas - the "top 10" idea and the "share with hundreds more right now" idea. I will be putting up a new idea today or tomorrow but thought it would encourage you to look back at a few of last month's stories. The one thing you can't miss when you read these stories is that all these people, regardless of their responses, needed Jesus and all of them were interested in Him! The harvest truly is ripe (Mt.9:36-38)! Enjoy these stories and please share your stories from last month by posting them as comments to this post. Thanks!

15,000 people in Durango just heard the Good News!!!
Evangelism stops a robbery.
Pray for Mark!
Evangelism literally saved a life.
Evangelism saved a life - Update!
Standing together as one and sharing the Good News!
Revival is here - this will shock you!
Health complaints and the gospel.
"N" is so close.
"I will kill myself if..."
Provocative scriptures.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
Nuestro Hermano Gabriel (this includes the video of the conversation and Gabriel accepting Christ)
"I am a God and so are you."
"It's wrong to have a firm perspective on anything."
Calculus vs. Evangelism.
I'm pretty sure this atheist's argument is correct!
The grocery store clerk.
Thank you for opening my eyes today!
Sometimes you only find out years later!
Car trouble.

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