Saturday, July 10, 2010

"I am a God and you are too."

So we've been applying the idea from July 8th and had 2 great days of evangelism. Thursday morning, after posting the idea for the day, we went out sharing and talked with "C" and "J." We did the survey which turned into (as it almost always will), about a 45 minute conversation. "C" responded to the gospel by claiming, "I am God and so are you." We challenged that conclusion but kept the talk focused on Jesus and His payment for our sins. "J" was much more open and seemed genuinely interested in Jesus. Pray for "C" and "J" to come to know Him. Yesterday we spent the entire day using this same tool here at the Nightvision concert. We did the evangelism workshop in the morning and then took people out sharing the rest of the day. It was exciting. I could not believe how many people we spoke to, at a Christian concert, that didn't know Jesus. As a group we were able to share with a ton of people and at least 5 different people put their trust in Christ (all of these were people Garth, Kirsten and Brooke Schultheis shared with - way to go guys!!!). Many more, Like "T" who I shared with, wanted to put their trust in Christ but weren't quite ready. Today we'll be using a different tool (check out the daily idea for today by clicking here). Pray for us this morning as we do the 2nd evangelism workshop and pray more people will come to Christ!

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