Saturday, July 24, 2010


I thought I'd share a quick story. Last week we had great evangelistic conversations with so many people. "J" was having one of the worst days of his life and knew God was using us to encourage him and get his attention (he was a believer but hadn't been walking with God). [UPDATE: I didn't catch this when we were sharing but apparently "J" told one of our guys he wanted to kill someone the day we saw him. Our conversation with him reminded him about what God wanted. You never know all the reasons God has you sharing with someone.] We got to pray with him about all that was going on and share scripture with him as well. "E" is in a relationship that has drawn fire from her Catholic grandmother but had never been told the reality of God's desire for a relationship with her. Those are just 2 and there were several more. Like always, all of them were interested in hearing about Jesus. I really believe that the less awkward we are about sharing Christ, the less awkward they will be about listening. That is one more reason it is so important to develop a lifestyle of evangelism. So, finally, here's the story about "A." Erin and I were shopping at Albertson's 2 days ago. The students were going to be arriving at our house for dinner and Bible study at 5:00 pm. It was mere moments till 5. The second I saw "A" God clearly led me to share with her. I rationalized, thinking we didn't have the time, and kept on walking. I saw her numerous more times in the store but never initiated a conversation. When we were checking out at the self checkout stand she came up behind us and was checking out at the stand next to ours. I still ignored God's prompting, thinking it was already 5:00 and we hadn't even left the store yet. I left the store feeling a bit of conviction but trying to make things right in my head by thinking, "This Bible study is too important to be late to." Anyway, out in the parking lot, as we were strapping the girls into their car seats, I looked back and saw "A" sitting on the bench alone. I knew I couldn't say no any longer. I ran over to her (as our car was running) and said, "I just had to tell you something. Every time we crossed paths in the store I knew God wanted me to tell you that He loves you dearly. I couldn't leave here without telling you that." I then told her my name and she told me hers, "A." She then asked, "Does it look like I needed to hear that?" I said, "No. I just know God was telling me to tell you that and I had to be obedient to Him." She then replied, "Thanks. I really needed to hear that today." I told her that God is passionate about her, that she is precious to Him and that the Bible says God's thoughts for her outnumber the sands of the seas (Ps.139:17-18). I asked her about her background and she said she didn't have any experience with Jesus but considered herself spiritual. I gave her a "Know God Personally" booklet and told her, "Jesus desires to have a personal relationship with you and this booklet tells you how that is possible." I said I'd love to talk more but that I was already late for a meeting at our house. She said no problem. She thanked me for sharing with her. I don't know what God was doing in her heart that day but I am convinced He was doing something great. Please pray for "A." I want to be more obedient to God making the most of every opportunity (Col.4:5). I don't want to pass by people I know He wants me to share with. I hope this story encourages you to boldly share Him with those you cross paths with. Check out the video below for an example of how to use the KGP booklet to share the Good News. Have a great weekend!

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