Monday, July 19, 2010

Story: "N" is so, so close.

I hope you got a chance to put your testimony together using the worksheet and I really hope you shared it with someone this weekend. I had a few opportunities that I hope will encourage you. I did a testimony worksheet training at Ignacio Community Church yesterday morning so the 1st opportunity I had to share my testimony this weekend was at a church with a bunch of Christians. You can listen to the training or you can skip straight to my testimony (it starts at time 29:16).

After church Erin, Eliana, Kara, Dave and I spent the afternoon hanging out in town. We had numerous opportunities to share the Good News. The first was riding the bus around town. I met "M" who was very friendly until I transitioned to spiritual topics. He said he didn't want to talk because he had too much on his mind. We ran into him about an hour later and I trusted by faith that was God's design. I asked if I could just share quickly and he didn't say no. I shared a very quick version of my already short 3 minute testimony and we chatted a few seconds but that was about it. Pray for "M." Later we shared with "M" - she works in town. I finally got to share my normal length testimony with "N." He was begging by Walmart. Dave and I got him dinner and some cash. After sharing my testimony with him he told us he knew God was trying to get his attention. He mentioned a couple recent examples that convinced him of that conclusion. I shared the gospel with him and he wasn't yet ready to make that decision but said, "I really do believe what you are saying is true." He said he would keep thinking about it. Pray "N" will trust Christ today! Anyway, using your testimony is an authentic, relational and humble way to share the Good News. I hope you got a chance to share your testimony this weekend but if you didn't, it's never too late (Read the testimony challenge here and go for it)! Check out another example of a 3 minute testimony below.

Please follow our blog and comment on what has been happening as you've applied these ideas! Thanks.

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