Monday, August 2, 2010

15,000 people in Durango just heard the Good News!!!

You probably remember the "Share the Good News with your whole town" idea. I wrote the editor that day and had all but given up on them publishing it. Well, they did, yesterday! Sundays have the highest number of readers (between 12 and 15,000). You can read the letter to the editor below. Please give this idea a try in your town. Writing your editor will open a way for you to share with thousands of people! Click the link above to find out more about how you could apply this idea. Click here to see all 17 new ideas posted last month. and you can get today's idea right here. That's all you'll hear from me today! Have an awesome God empowered, Spirit led time of sharing your faith today! You can click the picture below to get a larger view of it! Update: They just put the letter online as well; see it here.


  1. WOO!!! Go Nate! This is awesome, concise, and well-written!

    While I was volunteering at Heavenfest, a reporter interviewed me and I remembered it would be a great tool to witness!