Monday, August 2, 2010

17 new ideas for sharing your faith!!!

Ashleigh Brilliant, a British author I know nothing about, said, “Good ideas are common - what's uncommon are people who'll work hard enough to bring them about." Our hope is to give you fresh ideas for sharing your faith; that's the small part. The extraordinary part is each of you that are putting these ideas into action. I wanted to put all the ideas from the blog's 1st month into one post for any of you that want to scan through and find some you didn't have a chance to do yet. They are all linked up here. Please feel free to add your stories as comments to any of these posts - let us know how the ideas are working out. The ideas are listed in descending order with the most recent (today's) listed 1st. I hope you'll get a chance to do that one today and I hope you'll have fun reviewing these others and getting to do any you haven't yet. Many of these will have stories of what happened when we applied the idea linked at the bottom. 1 Cor.3:9 says, "we are God's fellow workers..." You and God make a really good team. I hope you'll have a great time sharing your faith today and this week! P.S. I am updating this post with new ideas as we add them! Check the bottom of this post for updates.

Ask someone about their weekend.
Share the Good News at lunch today.
Casual Friday (or any day).
Go witnessing after church.
Movie time (Despicable Me).
Health complaints = open door for the gospel.
Share the Good News with your whole town!
Tell your story.
Are you some kind of a jerk?
30 seconds to change eternity.
Using the "F" bomb to share the Good News.
Ask a few good questions.
Are you free?
Movie time (Toy Story 3)
Tell someone at the grocery store that Jesus loves them.
Ask if you can pray for someone.

Updated ideas:
Ask an officer for a ticket.
An evangelism tip.
Share with hundreds more right now.
Your top 10.

I hope these ideas and stories are encouraging you! If they are, please follow this blog (click follow on the left) and share it with your friends (you can click the twitter, facebook and other icons at the top of the page to share a post on your networks). Finally, we'd love to get some feedback. Share any stories, thoughts or ideas you have by commenting at the end of any post. Thanks!


  1. I am 75yrs old. I have often ask a series of questions.
    1) "Are you interested in spiritual things?"[a yes or no is acceptable] 2)"If someone were to ask you 'What is a Christian?' What would you say?" {The reply many times is 'goes to church', 'has faith' etc.] You can agree that a Christian does these things. 3)"But, what makes a person a Christian?" Usually the non-Christians exhausts themselves answering this and say 'I guess I don't know.' 4)"If it is all right with you I would like to show you a few verses from the Bible and explain them and then you would know what a Christian is. Is that all right?" Trust the Holy Spirit to use the Word to open their heart to the Gospel and Christ.