Sunday, August 1, 2010

Frankie (Updated)

See update at the bottom: Wasn't that story about evangelism stopping a robbery great? You never know what God has planned for you on a given day (Eph.2:10). Thank God Nayara made the most of that interesting opportunity (Col.4:5). Friday night my brother Dave and I got to witness to Frankie. He looked quite young. He was stranded here in Durango on a trip from Wisconsin to North Carolina (if I remember correctly). He needed some help. We did what we could and then got to chat with him. He was rebelling from God because his dad had always tried to "shove Christ down his throat." He had a few questions - the typical apologetical questions that have been answered for over a thousand years but repeated as evidence against the Bible continuously. After answering those questions we got to get back to Jesus. We encouraged him pretty straightforward about Christ. He was receptive. Before we finished he said, "didn't I see you at the skate park last week too?" I said, "yes." That was the outreach time last Sunday (you can read about that and the city-wide outreach here). The point I wanted to highlight real quickly today is that twice in one week we crossed paths with Frankie. We didn't get to share with him at the skate park but he saw us and he knew what we were doing. You never know the side effects of evangelism. I once shared the gospel with a student on campus who wasn't all that interested. A few days later a different student approached me and said he had been eavesdropping on that conversation and decided to put his trust in Christ as a result (his name was Matt - please pray for him). Who would have known? Anyway, realizing God put us in Frankie's path twice in a week convinces me God is really pursuing Frankie (not that He pursues others less - it is just exciting to see how much He is pursuing this young man)! Please pray for this young man and if you see a guy named Frankie with a broken down car, help him out and share with him. Have a great Sunday guys (and remember, Sunday is a great day for evangelism!!!)!

Update: I just spoke with Dwight at church and Frankie is traveling with Kelly who Dwight shared with last Sunday when he, "J" and I were at the skate park. Dwight was extremely moved to share with Kelly - he knew Kelly was the person God had been leading him all afternoon to share with. Frankie had mentioned the older guy we were with (I'm guessing he meant Dwight - Dwight you are only old in relation to "J" and I, ha ha ha!) and also mentioned that we shared with his friend Kelly. Anyway, Durango only has 16,000 people but it is definitely no coincidence we ran into and shared with these guys 2 different times in a week. God is definitely after them! Kedep praying for Frankie and Kelly.

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