Monday, July 26, 2010

Standing Together as One and Sharing the Good News!

Yesterday we applied Sunday's challenge here in Durango; it was amazing! I have prayed for years and longed for the day we would see Christians in Durango standing in unity and sharing the gospel together (Phil.1:27). Yesterday was just the beginning! It has been raining nearly every day this week and there were clouds yesterday morning. We prayed before, during and after church that God would hold the rain until after the evangelism time. No longer than 10 minutes after we finished the outreach it began poring! About 40 people showed up at Calvary International at 3:00 pm (The pictures on the left were taken at the end of the day, after a bunch of people had already left). There were people from the River Church, Calvary International, 1st Baptist and New Hope. We did a short evangelism training (on how to use the Soularium and KGP tools) and then split up all over town. Erich and I shared with "T" and "M" for about 45 minutes at the skate park. They were both at very different points in their own journeys but were very interested in Christ and the gospel. Pastor Dwight saw a couple making out and yelled, "Cut it out, your making me miss my wife." They laughed at his funny but very creative way of starting a conversation and he was able to share with them! One former inmate was able to share with a guy he knew when he was in prison. A friend who has served for years with Muslims prayed he would be able to meet one and ended up meeting and sharing with a Palestinian. A group from Calvary International (a spanish speaking church) shared Christ with the Hispanic people at a trailer park in town while another couple of groups hit up Main Street and witnessed to the tourists. One lady stayed back at the church and prayed for us as we shared! It was a great afternoon of sharing the Good News together. These stories and those I couldn't fit in here were awesome but the greatest the greatest thing that happened yesterday was Christians from all over town, from different backgrounds, denominations and churches spent the afternoon unified in prayer and action, witnessing together, standing as one to see our city won for Jesus! Working together as a team we will see our city transformed. I trust this was just the beginning. Did you go out witnessing yesterday afternoon? If so, share your stories by commenting on this post.

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement Antonio! Are you from Brazil? I'm excited to meet you. I hope the ideas and stories on this blog encourage you. Let us know what God is doing in Brazil!