Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Evangelism may have just saved a life! (The full story)

I put a short update in the "A" post but this story was too good not to share in more detail. Forgive me if this seems redundant. I just have to share this story more completely. We had been praying downtown (a group of leaders and pastors pray together every Tuesday for our town - check out more about that here). When we finished, people started leaving but a few of us turned and walked over to 2 men and a boy sitting in the park. I started going through the Soularium with them. The first picture "J" picked was the one with 2 doors chained shut (similar to the one on the left). I asked him why. He told us he felt like his hands were tied and that he was having one of the worst days of his life. His friend chimed in, agreeing and then saying, "We're sure God brought you here to encourage him." As we asked where they were at with God the friend, "R" said, "My family, marriage and life were falling apart until my son here, "R" began going to Sunday school." His son smiled as he talked. "R" continued, "he comes home and tells us everything he is learning about God. He told us the most important thing was to accept Christ." His son was nodding as his dad made this point. His father continued, "As we've been learning all this from our son, our family, marriage and lives have been completely transformed." I hope this encourages all you Sunday school teachers. While I was chatting with "R" and "R" my buddy was talking with "J." I totally missed what "J" said during the short exchange I had with "R." Apparently, "J" had just learned some devastating news and had told my friend he wanted to kill someone that morning. He also told him that our conversation with him had convinced him that was not the right thing to do. Can you believe that??? It was about then that I came back into that conversation as well. We clarified the gospel with the 3 and they all claimed to have a relationship with God. "J" admitted he just hadn't been walking with God at all lately. We were able to share scripture with the 3 and we prayed with and for them each. As we left they thanked us and again mentioned how they knew God sent us to encourage them! I didn't even hear the amazing part of the story (the conversation between my friend and "J") until yesterday as we were sharing about evangelism in church and the story came out. God is so good! If you want to hear the evangelism Q&A and this story, as told by my friend (whose name I am keeping quiet here because he works in a closed country) it is posted below. Anyway, this story illustrates the importance of obeying God's leading and sharing with those He prompts us to share with. It also reminds me that the gospel and evangelism always produce fruit - even if that fruit is different than what we expect. These men didn't pray the sinner's prayer with us, so to say, but who knows, this evangelistic conversation my well have saved someone's life! Keep your eyes open for a new evangelism idea coming shortly! I hope and trust you will have a great day, being blessed and used by our awesome God in ways you never imagined!

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