Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pray for Mark!

Sometimes Christians think the needy are the main group to reach out to or even the only group to reach out to; that is not the case - the rich need Jesus as much as anyone (read about that and 9 other bad lies here). That being said, it is super important to help and share with those who need it (Mat. 25:34 - 46). Every time you see someone begging you have an opportunity to help them and share the Good News with them. Today Erin and I gave Mark (pictured on the left) some cash and then I got to talk with him. He really needed someone just to chat with for a while. When I finally got a chance to speak I asked our famous transition question, "What has been your experience with Christianity?" Mark's face lit up and he replied, "I am born again brother!" It turns out he used to have a street ministry in Boulder but has had about a decade of severe medical problems that have left him homeless and out of work. If you see him, in the Walmart parking lot, I'm sure he'd love to chat and he could use some help. I prayed with him for God's healing and provision and wanted to ask you to do the same. Please also pray for "N" who we shared with in the Walmart parking about a week ago; he was very close to trusting Christ (read that story here).

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