Saturday, August 7, 2010

Make your vacation even better!

Sorry it has been a few days since I wrote. We just returned from a little 3 day family vacation and have relatives visiting. I wanted to share a couple quick stories. Our first morning in away we ate at the hotel. I wrote a little note to our waitress on our bill saying simply, "Jesus loves you." I usually do that when we eat out. See it here. I'll get back to that story in just a minute. We spent the day at the zoo and it was great. That evening we ate at "Waco's Tacos" - a little taco joint downtown. They had a magnetic alphabet board to keep you preoccupied while they made your dinner. What an opportunity (Col.4:5)! I wrote "Jesus is the only way, trust him today! That initiated a conversation with the 2 cooks. When we left the restaurant the message was still there and several customers had come and gone, all, presumably, having read the message. If any of you live in Albuquerque and happen to eat there let us know if the message is still up. The next morning I went back down to the hotel restaurant to pick up breakfast and our waitress from the day before approached me and said, "Don't stop leaving those messages. I really needed that yesterday." I asked her where she stood with Jesus. She, like so many these days, said she was a believer but had not been in fellowship for a long time and was struggling through some stuff. I asked her if we could pray together about all that and she said, "of course." We prayed and then I returned to the room with breakfast for my 3 precious girls. Those were just a few quick stories that I wanted to share to illustrate a point. There is never a vacation from the Great Commission. Sharing your faith is one of the most exciting things you can do and sharing while on vacation will make the vacation even better. These are just 2 stories from our 3 days away and there were more as well. These stories made our vacation even better. I hope you got a chance to apply the last idea (check that out here). Let us know how that went! Have a blast sharing your faith today, whether you're home or away!

P.S. I've been applying the "Casual Friday" idea (yes, my shirt finally came in). So far no takers. Do you have any from applying that idea. I'll share what happens as soon as something happens!

Update: They just put my letter to the editor from last week online (I posted the Jpeg because they hadn't put it online). You can get the whole story and the link here.

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