Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Jesus tells us, in Mt.12:34, "...out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks." Evangelism is a lot less about forcing yourself to do an unpleasant duty and a lot more naturally talking about who you love most. If Christ isn't coming up in your conversations you have to question how much you truly love Him. People are so hungry for Jesus and they, whether they know it or not, desire to hear the Good News. Brandon Cox and I decided to try out the new vantage tool for the 1st time last semester (you can check out the short film evangelism tools by clicking here and you can see videos of us using the vantage video tool by clicking here for video 1, video 2 and video 3). The first time we used this tool we shared with "G" (left in the picture). "G" said he wasn't interested in spiritual issues but long after the other guys left he was there listening as Brandon and I shared the gospel with him. He told us he had received Christ as a kid and that it was sincere but he'd never gone anywhere with his relationship with God since. Then, right before we concluded the conversation, he looked at us and said, "Thank you for opening my eyes today." Anyway, just a quick encouragement to speak about who you love most (Jesus) today, knowing that the people around you desperately need Him (and they desperately need you to talk about Him)!

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