Monday, July 12, 2010

Nuestro Hermano Gabriel

Nightvision was great! We are drained but excited about all God did. We did the 2 evangelism workshops (the MP3s and notes are up!!! Get workshop 1 here and workshop 2 here) and then took a team of about 40 out sharing both Friday and Saturday. We had 12 people decide to put their trust in Christ and many more were very interested. It was a great time. The Evangelism idea for July 10-11 was to use the Soularium tool. We used this all day Saturday and 4 people put their trust in Christ after hearing the gospel during conversations that were initiated with this tool. I got into a conversation with Gabriel who didn't speak english. It was the most difficult evangelistic conversation I have had since the last time I shared in spanish (but harder because last time I had a spanish 4 Law booklet). Anyway, Gabriel prayed to receive Christ. I can only hope he adequately understood the gospel in spite of my rusty spanish. I will be putting him in contact with my hispanic evangelist friend, Gustavo! I truly felt COMPLETELY dependent on God during this conversation and am thankful God allowed me to be in a situation I truly had nothing to offer. Check out the video below (sorry for the weird audio, they were doing sound checks on the stage) and please, get your hands on one of these Soularium packets - they are a GREAT tool!

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