Monday, July 11, 2011

Nightvision 2011 Recap!

Nightvision was amazing this year! This picture shows Malcolm and Brandon praying as they look down on a crowd of about 14,000 right before heading out to share the Good News that night. We had a total of nearly 20 volunteers over the course of the 2 day event, helping out with the evangelism team. It was amazing. You'd think that most of the people at an event with Josh Wilson, Charlie Hall, Lincoln Brewster, Casting Crowns and MercyMe would be Christians. That is NOT the case. There were so many people hungry to hear about Jesus and so many made decisions to trust Him!

The PHM staff invited us to train all 500+ volunteers how to share the Gospel. We did a short evangelism training with the SHARE acronym (get that here) at each of the volunteer orientations. Here's a picture of Brandon doing that training at the last orientation, Friday morning.

One of my favorite stories is that of Damian! You probably remember the "Jesus Tract" we put together (if not check it out and the reason we put it together by clicking here). Chris (who came with Tim Clemens form Ignacio to serve on our team) got to share the Jesus tract with Damian on Friday and Damian, as far as I know, became the 1st person to trust Christ as a result of hearing the gospel via the Jesus Tract. below you can check out pictures of Chris and Damian right after he trusted Christ and Damian getting baptized the next morning (yes, we had baptisms at the event!). 

Most everyone on the team got to lead someone to Christ. It was a great time. Here's a picture of Malcolm praying with someone. 

I'm not sure exactly how many people trusted Christ at this event but there were a ton. Margaret cried tears of joy as I shared the gospel with her before she trusted Christ. Here is a picture of Malcolm, Leah and Brandon doing follow up with a group of young people who all trusted Christ after the strength team event. 

Here's a picture of David Bowman sharing the gospel with the evangecube; this young man also trusted Christ. 

It was a great weekend of evangelism. I heard there were 300 follow up packets and we went through pretty much all of them. I'm not sure about those numbers yet so I'll get some official stats soon. The theme of this year's Nigtvision event was life and the pro-life message. It was great getting to meet Frank Pavone and Dr. Alveda King at the lunch before the event (pictured below) and then hearing them at the event. 

This issue is one that is very close to our hearts! You can get some of our posts on this topic here and check out the short version of our now famous debate on the issue below (get the full debate here). 

For all of you that were praying, thanks a ton! God did great things and brought many people to Himself. Thank you all who prayed. Thank you Erin (my sweet wife), Roger and Joanne (my in-laws), Malcolm and Leah, Brandon, Alex, Tim, Chris, Stephanie, Sunny, David, Greg and the rest of you who served so diligently, sharing the Good News. Also, thanks a ton Miss Victoria, Mona, Brenda, Erika, Lucretia, Jimmy, Susan and all the PHM staff for putting this event together! God did great things!

Well, if you'd like to get some good training on how to share your faith, check out the videos below! Have a great day and don't forget to share the hope that you have with those around you - they desperately need Jesus! Also, get over 100 easy, creative and fun evangelism ideas here

How to share your faith with confidence part 1:

How to share your faith with confidence part 2:

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