Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sanctity of Life Sunday!

Sanctity of Life Sunday is this Sunday, 1/23! If you didn't catch the story yesterday, this will shock you! An abortion doctor is now on trial for severing babies' spinal cords with scissors in order to get rich. What blows my mind is that he is going on trial for this while, had he been a bit earlier and used a different tool he'd be hailed as a champion of women's rights! If you aren't OK with over 1,000,000 american babies being murdered every year in our country please take a stand. Get educated on the issues. Our "End Abortion Now" training video will help you a ton. You should also check out our abortion debate video (this kind of went viral) - it has had over 15,000 views in various forms online. Most of all though, this issue is indicative of hearts searching for Jesus! Check out this woman's testimony and get inspired to share hope with others by this abortion survivor sharing the Good News boldly. Take a stand for those that can't stand for themselves this Sanctity of Life Sunday and don't quit. Thank you Dan Anguis, Stephanie Brown, Val Mangrum and so many others who have taken that stand here! Go big guys!

Check out the interview I did with KDUR on this issue here:

And get the short version of our debate here:

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