Friday, January 21, 2011

Street Preacher!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to get to know Shawn Hole, a traveling street preacher that genuinely wants to make Jesus known wherever he goes. Whatever you might think about traveling street preachers, and I'll be the first to agree with you that many of them have done a poor job with reaching out to people, you can't just lump all of them in together. Many are amazing men and women of God that want to share the Good News with a world that is lost, dying and headed for hell. Shawn falls into the latter category. Great guy, great heart for God and great perspective on reaching the lost. Open air preaching isn't our main style but it is a tool. Check out this post from the last time we did open air here at FLC. We definitely have plans to do more of this style of evangelism soon. Pray for Shawn as he heads on to new areas, that God would bless him a ton (you can see more about him and his ministry here). Finally, if your friends are talking about him being on campus yesterday, use the opportunity to get back to the gospel.


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