Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mark gets bold! - February 25th, 2009

Hello Team,

Another great day on campus! Wednesdays are our day of scheduled ministry evangelism. Every Wednesday we do Soularium in the snack bar here on campus. Soularium is a type of picture survey which opens up into a discussion of spiritual issues. Malcolm, one of the guys I’m discipling, asked if we could start to doing other, more bold types of evangelism after we got done with Soularium (he said he wanted something that would scare him). We started doing some of that last week, and today decided to do some open air evangelism in front of the library. Ronnie and I did the first round, with several other students from our group watching. Mark jumped in and asked to do the second round of it. He got up on a bench and started yelling as loud as he could, drawing the attention of several students walking across campus (using a trivia technique designed by Ray Comfort). That opened up into even more conversations with students on campus (including a guy named Russell who had never heard the gospel before). Today was an amazing day of sharing Christ with students that desperately need Him and seeing barriers of unbelief come crashing down. God is so good. We’ll be sending out our newsletter this week and it will blow your mind - God is good!

Gladly serving with you,

Nate, Erin and Eliana

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