Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Amendment 62 Debate Video - FLC, 10/20/2010

We hope this debate will inform you a ton and encourage you to take a bold stand for life! This blog is dedicated to sharing the Good News we each have in Jesus. Please follow this blog and share it with people you think would enjoy it. For a great training video and notes on this issue, click here. Also, get all of our MP3s and videos at and check out, our website, sometime when you get a chance. Finally, get the MP3 and other great resources below.

Update: This has been a hard stand to take. If you have questions about it, click here.

Here's the video (click the arrows icon at the bottom right of the video to expand it):

The debate MP3

A short version:

Check out a few recent posts on this issue: Abortion survivor shares the Good News, I had an abortion and End Abortion Now!

Also check out Stephanie's testimony. She hinted at this in the debate but you can get the full version below:

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