Sunday, October 31, 2010

Taking a Stand can be Hard!

Hello Dear Friends!!! Sorry I haven't been blogging any lately. This whole thrust into the spotlight has been interesting. I've been told I'm about to be sued, gossiped about all over campus, at least one professor has already written my name across the board and spent class time slandering me (interesting how that professor doesn't have a clue what's really going on), I have been receiving the worst messages and hate-mail I have ever had in my life and am quite confused about this whole issue I find myself in the middle of. I have concluded that taking a stand for what is close to God's heart, in this case unborn children, will generate a TON of opposition. Taking a stand always does (2 Tim. 3:12) but it is time that we all take a stand and trust God with the rest (remember when I challenged you to take a stand even if it's hard?). I am not sure how much more I will be blogging until all this blows over. I thank God for all of your prayers. If you are hearing gossip about me please contact me, I'd love to chat! Feel free to tell those talking about me to contact me. I can tell you that not one thing I've heard being said about me is true. We love the wonderful people we debated. A lot of people thought the debate should be heard by others. Those people have shared it in different ways, ways they determined not me. FYI - I did not make the video everyone is mad about. Whether you agree with them or not, please know that they are not me and I am not them. They too, are wonderful people; feel free to contact them if you have a complaint or an encouragement. All I know is that I have tried to take a stand for an entire part of our society that is being clinically murdered every day in our country. A lot of people haven't liked that. Seriously consider the opposition's arguments - that is how that side literally defends the killing of unborn babies. I've never intended to make anyone look bad; if you think those arguments are bad it is because they are. I'm sorry if you have felt offended. I would encourage you to look at the evidence for yourself. If you think those arguments are bad, why not stand up to the plate and start doing something to defend the babies being killed every day in our country? I would also encourage you to consider boldly taking a stand for everything else God has called you to as well. It isn't always easy but it is the right thing to do. Check out the message below on taking a stand. Finally, the Good News is really the best thing we could ever share with anyone. Please pray that whatever happens with all of this I will be able to share the Good News with more and more people. This is a trial and at the same time an opportunity (1 Cor.16:8-9), my Savior is right beside me (Mt.28:18-20) and and I choose to consider it pure joy (James 1:2-4)! Please keep praying for me. I can't wait to talk with you again! Have a GREAT Sunday!

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  1. Way to go Nate! So proud of you through this whole thing!!

  2. I praise God that you are first and foremost a man of Faith! Your faith will set you free, your faith will protect you though all of this, your faith will in fact prosper and promote you through all this! Why? Because faith is an idol? No! Because Jesus asked, "But will the Son of Man find faith on the earth when He returns?" Because Jesus Himself said over and over: "Your faith has healed you." Because He said, "Have faith in God", or as it also says,"Have the faith OF God." Faith is big because it is THE strongest act of worship of The Father we can perform, without it we can't please Him, it works by Love, and, finally, faith would have prevented the mistake in The Garden that we are all walking out the solution to. Blessings abound in these current events!