Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to Follow Up with Someone after Sharing the Good News with Them!

All of us have been there. You share your faith with someone and then you don't know what step to take next with them. We find ourselves asking, "Should I keep sharing? Would that make things awkward? How can I keep brining up the gospel without sounding like I'm beating a dead horse?" Yes, you should keep sharing and following up with that person. Here are a few great ideas on what to do next. You can check out the training video and MP3 below these ideas. I hope this helps you be more effective at sharing your faith!

Once you've shared your faith with someone:

1. Evaluate how much to keep investing. 

2. Pray for this person. 

3. Rely on the Holy Spirit to work in their lives. 

4. Build a relationship and personal credibility. Be sensitive to their needs and interests. Be personable, relatable, and genuinely interested in them and their interests. Be motivated by AGAPE love. 

5. Remember, they do not yet think, talk, or act like a Christian, so do not ignorantly lose your credibility by doing one or more of the following: Do not talk in "heavy" Christian religious language; talk in a normal way. Do not try to communicate too deep, avoid rabbit trails; keep it simple. Do not verbally or non-verbally communicate a standard of performance such as legalism, "rules and regulations," dress codes, language use, or any other “Christian” mannerisms. Avoid legalism. Do not "spiritualize" everything in your conversation; be real with them.

6. Do not get discouraged thinking that you did something wrong when someone doesn’t become a Christian, doesn’t want to meet with you, or starts, but then drops out. Remember, you’re responsible only to be available to let God work through you in His Spirit’s power, trusting results to Him.

7. Intentionally set up an initial appointment. A great idea: invite them to coffee!!!

8. Meet them where they are at (1 Cor.9:19-23). Build common ground.

9. Continue clarifying the gospel.

10. Use other modes (ex. Ministry, Natural and Body).

11. Use other tools and methods (ex. Soularium, your testimony, books, websites, etc.).

12. Encourage them to begin reading the Bible (preferably have them start with the Gospel of John).

And finally, remember the 5 Ps of following up with someone you’ve shared with: be prayerful, patient, perceptive, perseverant and purposed in following up with someone you’ve shared the gospel with.

Here's the Ministry Leadership Training Class video on this topic (the MP3 is below that).

The MP3:

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