Friday, October 15, 2010

I Had an Abortion...

This is an amazing video. This blog is focused on sharing the Good News and helping Christians share their faith. 1 in 4 of the women around you has had an abortion. It is super important to be able to share the hope they can find in Jesus.

We will be doing this at the Amendment 62 debate on campus, this Wednesday, Oct. 20th, at Noble 125, at 7 pm. Please don't come (there is limited seating and we will put the video up the next day). But PLEASE be praying for us that evening.

On that note, check out the testimony of a woman who has had an abortion below. Also, for more ideas on how to make a difference in this issue, click here. Check out the video, be a light to these women who are hurting and if you're in Colorado vote YES on 62!

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