Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Share Acronym!

Here's a little acronym (SHARE) to help you share "the Good News that He saves" each day (Ps.96:2)!

Spend time with God! Get in His Word, pray and walk in the power of His Spirit!

Have an expectant attitude! Look for opportunities and expect God to use you!

Ask Questions:
1. Ask a conversation starting question.
2. Follow that up with a transition question.
Ex. What’s been your experience with Christianity?
3. Transition to the gospel by asking if you can share how they can know God personally.

Resources: Use transferable resources like the "Jesus tract" or the KGP and be ready to share your testimony.

Encourage those you share with!!! Help them take the next step and help them get plugged in!

“Take the intiative in the power of the Holy Spirit and then trust the results to God.” - Bill Bright


  1. So helpful. Awesome acronym!!

  2. I love people who can make such an impact in under 15 minutes! Great job, Nate.