Friday, April 29, 2011

The Most Important Thing

The other day my husband Austin set up a soularium table to get into spiritual coversations. He took a student with him who had seen the gospel shared many times and had been through several trainings but wasnt confident in sharing simply because he hadnt done it.

Austin encouraged him that he could do it and invited a girl over to the table (who happened to be a girl from our sons preschool who I have been praying for.) The student went for it, taking the girl through the picture survey. When he got to the end he used his transition question that moved the conversation to discussing the Knowing God Personally booklet. He bumbeled his way through, doing a less than perfect job. He broke the final sound barrier and asked her if she was ready to make a decision and she said Yes!

People crave to know the God that created Him and gave us the incredible privledged mission of telling them the very thing they crave. And yet 96% of us will go to the grave NEVER having shared the gospel... never even started the mission God gave us.

The same day this girl put her trust in Christ I got into a conversation with a lady at Bible study. It turns out that some very hard things were going on her life which motivated her to start seeking God. She had been going to 2 churches and some people in her life invited her to Bible study, gave her a Beth Moore bible study, told her to listen to Chritian radio etc... but no one ever got around to sharing the most important thing. The Gospel.

It is easy to think that the people around us already know the gospel since they go to church or Bible study or listen to Christian music but let's not assume. In fact, the vast majority of students on campus we see put thier trust in Christ have grown up in church but have never heard/understood the gospel.

Who in your life have you never had a spiritual conversation with? Why not today and use your transition questions (from the posts below) to find out from thier mouths where they are at spiritually instead of assuming.

Let the adventure begin!

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