Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Congrats Malcolm and Leah!!!

Many of you know that Leah, a former student and intern, joined our staff and had an AMAZING rookie year on full time staff this year. You've probably also heard us share stories in the past about Malcolm, a fearless student evangelist (here's a story about Malcolm and 4 spiritual generations of discipleship). The 2 of them have become an amazing ministry team - get one great story about that here. Anyway, Malcolm recently graduated and the 2 of them will be getting married Friday! We've all been getting more excited for this wedding as each month passed and now it is finally here. We did Malcolm's staff interview last week (we didn't get done till after 9 pm) and he has been officially accepted to come on staff with us here at FLC! We are thrilled this wonderful young couple will be joining us together to reach students for Christ, disciple them into strong, multiplying believers and send them into the worldwide harvest. Congrats Malcolm on joining the team and congrats to both of you on your upcoming wedding. As we have gotten to know you these past 5 years, discipling you on investing our lives in yours, we are absolutely thrilled to see you multiplying to the next generation. We love you! 

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