Friday, March 4, 2011

Way to Go Pena!

Alex ROCKS!!! Alex began walking with God back in October and has been growing a ton ever since. Yesterday, as I shared the gospel with a new friend on campus, Alex walked up and spontaneously shared his testimony. Later, when I told everyone Alex got to share his testimony they all replied, "again?" Apparently he had shared his testimony numerous times already this week. That's obviously great but what is even better is what happened last night! Alex brought 2 friends he used to party with (before he knew Christ) to our house for our typical Thursday night dinner and discussion. One of those friends was the first person Alex ever shared his faith with. That young man had some very deep questions during the discussion time. Ron Martin immediately picked up on the situation and went straight over to this new friend and began sharing with him. He ended up putting his trust in Christ for His forgiveness last night!!! Just a note about discipleship here as well, this new believer now represents the 4th concurrent spiritual generation of multiplication on campus at this time. That is the 1st time I've seen 4 generations in the men's side of the ministry (I'm discipling Malcolm who is discipling Alex who just multiplied to the 4th generation). It has happened on the women's side a few times. Way to start your journey of following God Alex! Keep going for Jesus! We love you brother. 

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