Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rocking the Slopes!

I spent yesterday riding Purgatory with my friend Craig. We haven't ridden together in 12 years! God is so good to us! He even gave us free tickets (thanks Vickie and Paul) and a great powder day. It was a great day of riding. We decided before we even hit the slopes that we would try to share Christ with every person we rode the lift with (remember the Chair Lift Evangelism post and the snowboarding for Jesus post). Anyway, we definitely shared with every person we rode the lift with. Not one person turned us down. Everyone is hungry for Jesus! Four stories stick out as dramatic examples of where people are at. Here they are:

1. "D" is a Colorado native who loves the outdoors. As we shared with him he was very open. He believed God was little bit of everything - nature, people, etc. As we shared the gospel with him Craig told his story. Craig said, "When you get to the real issues isn't it more about not wanting to give up the steering wheel? That's how it was for me. I had a love affair with the steering wheel of my life and I wasn't gonna let anyone touch that sucker, especially not Jesus." "D" replied, "I think that is probably true for all of us." I was shocked at how honest he was. God please bring David to yourself.

2. "M" came here for college and never wanted to leave (hey, that's what happened to me). She grew up with faith being "pushed down her throat." We used the tactics approach with her and asked her a ton of questions about her current belief that the goal of life is to follow your heart and be happy. We asked her if she would be surprised to find out the Bible was true and God was God. She said, "not at all." Once again, this precious young woman was completely open to talking about Christ.

3. "N" is a middle school student we shared with. God has been working on his heart but he didn't yet have a relationship with Him. We challenged him about the choices and pressures he will soon face and asked him what his foundation is. He said, "none." We got to share the only true hope with him before the lift ended.

4. Chuck jumped on the lift and right off the bat I asked, "what's your name?" He said, "Chuck." Working through the sound barriers I said, "I had a mentor named Chuck." He asked, "That's cool, what did he do." I replied, "he was a pastor." And before I could ask the next transition question (what's been your experience with Christianity?) he boldly replied, "that's great because I'm a Christian too!" We got to encourage him for the rest of the trip.

Those weren't all our conversations but a few that stick out in my mind. It was great to see, once again, that everyone is interested in Jesus and each of these people were at different places in their journeys towards Him. I hope these stories encourage you as you share your faith today! Check out this old snowboarding video from years ago if you want. Have a GREAT day!

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