Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snowboarding for Jesus!!! This is an amazing story!

Many of you know I used to be a sponsored snowboarder (thats me in the picture, you can click the picture for a bigger view). That entailed getting a lot of free boards. It's been a good 13 years since I bought snowboarding equipment. Last year at our December Men's Retreat (to see the recap of this years December retreat click here), God had been putting on my heart to give a whole snowboarding setup to a boy, Glen, who came to the retreat for the first time. I didn't want to at first because it was a lot of gear and I didn't have the money to replace it. Giving him that gear meant I'd have to ride older gear I hadn't ridden in a while. I finally caved to the Holy Spirit's prompting and gave this young man a board, bindings, boots, helmet and goggles (actually, the same board, boots, bindings and helmet from the picture above). He was thrilled. He had wanted a board so badly he had been carrying a block of snowboard wax around expectantly. Talk about faith!!! Anyway, I haven't spoken with him for a while but got a text from him the day before yesterday. I asked him if he was still going strong for Jesus. He told me yes, "I skate and snowboard sharing the Word of God with others." He went on to say that he has led 3 atheist friends to Christ and has also led 4 strangers to Christ doing this skate and snowboard evangelism! Wow!!! I thought this was a great example of yielding to God's leading especially when it costs something (remember David's heart).

Sometimes evangelism isn't cheap; it may cost you time, energy, possessions, reputation or money but it is so worth it. Knowing what I know now about how this young man would use that board for God's glory I would have gladly given him all my gear. Praise God for Glen! Pray God keeps him strong and continues using Him to share the Good News! Have a blast applying the Christmas evangelism ideas before Christmas gets here. Merry Christmas!!!

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