Sunday, December 5, 2010

Confident, Bold and Strong!

Just got home from another amazing men's retreat!!! 70 men growing closer to each other and God, learning, wrestling, ninja fighting, improv singing country music, competing in the famous Man Championship to win the "golden horn of contention," playing paintball, shooting skeet and flipping on inner-tubes. The theme was confidence, boldness and strength. It was a great time. Get all the talks (just click the small triangle's on the left to listen - never mind the advertisements they put on there) and the country music testimony video (don't miss it), below.

Talk #1: "The Fear of God" - Kyle Kostreva (get the notes here).

Talk #2: "The strength cycle" - Gordy Herrick

Talk #3: "Confident and Bold" - Nate Herbst (get the notes here).

Talk #4: "Strong Men of God" - Russ Akins

Talk #5: "What are you going to do about it" - Doug Sikes

We had the guys put their testimonies into country music form for the final part of the Man Championship! It was great. Check the video out below.

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