Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chair Lift Evangelism!

Go big Jake!!! Yes, that's Jake, but not yesterday. I stole it from his facebook photos. Anyway, I had a great time riding Purg with Jake, John (see his pic below), Jesse, Janessa and Maddie yesterday. Usually we're in the backcountry riding big jumps but I had a blast just riding the slopes yesterday before meeting back up with everyone else at the lodge for chili and games. It was a great snowday!!! There were numerous lifts where the 6 of us completely filled the chairlift and a few where Jake and I rode alone but pretty much every lift we rode with strangers we were able to work through the sound barriers sharing the Good News. It was a blast. We shared with a college student, Nick, who was very open and interested in Jesus. We shared with Mike and Rachel who didn't really want to talk about it. We shared with another High School student who was a believer but needed encouragement in his walk with God and then got to share briefly with a father and daughter skiing together. I also got to share with an old co-worker that I still pray for often. All in all a great day! I had more fun getting into spiritual conversations with people than I did snowboarding.

After riding, we stopped by the gas station where I saw Anna. This past summer, at the same gas station, I asked her how her day was going to which she responded, "everyone hates me." I told her that wasn't the case because Jesus loved her more than she could ever imagine. I didn't really get to talk with her more that day but asked her yesterday if she remembered when I said that. She said, "Yes! I always say everyone hates me but that was the first time ever that anyone has ever responded the way you did. It totally made my entire day." We chatted a bit more but John and Maddie were waiting for me in the car so I had to go. Who ever would have known such a small comment would have impacted her like that?

We always think "Jesus loves you" is a trite or cheesy thing to say, but it's not. You don't always have time to go through the whole gospel with someone so why not leave them with something. Remember the "hookers for Jesus" post? Check it out, a prostitute came to Christ as a result of that short phrase and now leads a ministry to other prostitutes.

Well, what a day! Snowdays are always fun but yesterday was the best!

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