Monday, December 12, 2011

Follow Tebow's Example!!!

Tebow did it again! 10 points in the final 3 minutes of a game. Another win in overtime. Wow!!! Even John Fox is "thanking the good Lord" now! Hey, if it works for Tebow! That's the point though, Tebow's stand is making a difference in the lives of his team and many others. It is amazing to me how strong a stand he is taking and the flak he is getting for it. You have got to click here and read this article for some great thoughts on that! I hope you'll get a chance to follow Tebow's great evangelism example today, taking risks. Whatever "opposition" you or I face, we can still take that stand. Ask someone today what they think about Tebow's win last night and then ask them what they think about his faith. It is a super easy transition to the gospel (I did it this week and it was extremely easy). Get more on transitioning sports conversations to the gospel here. Get Tebow's and Fox's post game comments last night here. Go big for Jesus today guys! Also, don't forget these 25 Christmas evangelism ideas

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