Thursday, December 8, 2011

Good bye Pujols!

So Albert's off to Anaheim. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't bummed. You can get many of my posts about Albert (most of them directly involve evangelism) by clicking here. I wrote about Albert deciding on where he was going a while back (get that here) and trust he is following God's lead and not just the big bucks! That brings me to today's evangelism challenge. On a side note, this blog has focused a ton on evangelism but we've been focusing on other aspects of the Great Commission lately, namely discipleship and leadership development. I've been sharing my faith as much as ever and am excited to encourage you with this idea today! So back to the idea; everyone (at least everyone that loves baseball and sports) seems to have an opinion on Albert's decision. When this topic comes up, go ahead and apply the "getting to the gospel from a conversation about sports" idea. Share about Albert's own description of how he made his decision. If people think he was greedy (I personally want to believe the best about him), ask them why they think greed is bad and go that route back to the gospel. Bottom line, yet again, this is a hot topic that can easily be brought back to the gospel so give it a shot! While you're at it, don't forget to check out the 25 Christmas evangelism ideas and 141 easy evangelism ideas. Well, it's been a great 11 years Albert. Thanks for the memories. I hope, trust and pray you will keep following Christ boldly and sharing the Good News wherever He leads you. We'll sure miss you. Check out a recent interview with the Pujolses here; I'm inclined to take their word! Also check out Albert's testimony below that!


  1. Yeah, I too am bummed about the whole Pujols deals, yet glad we didn't invest $200 Million in a guy who's almost 32. As for his faith, I personally have a hard time understanding a Christian who thinks he needs a $69,000 daily budget. Sounds like the love of money to me.

  2. I think he did it for the big bucks! But obviously we'll never know what he does with that money. Better in his hands than in baseball's hands!