Saturday, November 13, 2010

Evangelism Story: 3000 Nigerian terrorists trust Christ!

I heard this story earlier this year from a YWAM friend. AMAZING!!! I grew up a YWAM kid so this means a lot to me. Twenty-six YWAM students in Nigeria decided to take a risk and share the Good News with terrorists at a terrorist training camp in Nigeria. They wanted to serve them and then share with them (see servant evangelism ideas here). As they did this 300 Nigerian terrorists laid down their arms and put their trust in Jesus. The Nigerian government said they would grant the terrorists amnesty but only under the condition that YWAM would do their rehabilitation, which YWAM agreed to do, putting them all through discipleship training schools. As they were setting up the DTS rehab program for the terrorists 2,700 more terrorists trusted Christ and got plugged in!!! Since that time the Nigerian government has asked YWAM to start 3 discipleship training schools in each of their 36 states (a total of 108 discipleship training schools). This is GREAT news that every Christian should be hearing! See the full story with all the unbelievable details here. God is GREAT!

It is time for believers to begin taking a few risks for God! Imagine how many more stories there would be just like this one if we'd just trust God and go for it! What risk does God want you to take for Him right now wherever you live?

It is time to stop believing the lies that Muslims are enemies and instead to see them as we see everyone else around us - people God loves dearly! Many of them have never heard the Gospel but are so interested in Jesus. 16,000 Muslims a day are putting their trust in Jesus! Want evidence? Just check out and and see for yourself how many people in Muslim countries trust Christ within 15 minutes of logging on - it will blow your mind! Soon we'll write a post on how to share Christ with your Muslim friends. Erin and I have numerous Muslim friends that we love dearly and they are truly some of the kindest and neatest people we know. We need to be taking the initiative to share Christ with all of those around us regardless of any differences we have with them (get 47 new evangelism ideas here).

Before I finish, if you are a Muslim, know that you are loved, by God and Christians. Know that Jesus is reaching out His hand to you and desires to forgive all of your sins and to have a relationship with you. Please forgive us for the times we have not shown you God's love.

Finally, check out the testimony of another terrorist who turned to Jesus here:

Also check out this post about Nigerians passionate for Jesus!

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