Monday, August 30, 2010

The top 5 posts from last month!

Thanks for reading guys! We had a great 2nd month blogging and have now had over 3,100 reads. So far we've had people from Canada, Russia, Romania, the UK, Latvia, Egypt, Taiwan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Tanzania, Brazil, France, China, Panama, Germany, Italy, the Philippines, Russia, S. Korea, India, Malaysia, the US and other countries and locations all over the world reading the blog. Thank you all who have been reading! In case you missed them these are the top 5 posts from last month!

1. 508 words Jesus Died to Tell You!

2. 15,000 people in Durango just heard the Good News!

3. Evangelism idea: Ask an officer for a ticket!

4. Make your vacation even better!

5. Freshmen College Students Need Jesus.

Hope those encouraged you! Please keep reading and share this blog with others you know it will encourage! Thanks so much.


  1. This was written by my Daughter-in-Law as we are entering into our 2nd month of Discipleship. I had challenged her to write a journal describing how the picture of this young girl is climbing a rock face on a Mountain in contrast to being a Christian. This will completely blow you away, God had to have communed with her as she was writing.
    "I look at the picture of a woman climbing a rock wall and know that every time she climbs a little higher she must feel a little more accomplished and closer to her goal. Little by little, another reach up, another tough push. I think that becoming a Christian, like climbing a Mountain, requires small steps, reaching out, pushing forward, working towards a goal and more than likely a little bit of exhaustion, overwhelment, and a refusal to give up.
    I think the most attracting part for me, in seeking a relationship with Christ is faith. Sometimes its hard for me to be certain, but when I feel the faith in my heart, and I focus on it, I feel amazing. It's like, "what else do I need?" I wish it was easier to feel it so strongly all the time, but that's what I'm trying to learn.
    The best way for me to strengthen my faith and believe that God loves me the way His Word says is to think of the love I have for Matthew. If God loves me even a fraction of that, it's more than enough. But, His Word says it is so much deeper and more extensive. I can't even imagine that. So me, being loved that much, Just me alone should have no problem having such a strong faith as the kind I seek. But even still, it is like climbing a Mountain, reaching up by praying, pulling forward by studying His Word, refusing to fall down or backtrack. By rejecting satan and the things he tries to make me feel or think, and feeling a higher sense of accomplishment that is knowing I have a relationship with God. The higher I get & look around the more accomplishment I'll see that turning back would take away from me. The higher I get the further I can fall. Why would anyone go back. And when I die and go to heaven, which is the top of my Mountain, and I look around and wonder what that will feel like. I know it's beyond any feeling I could try to think of and than I can rest forever with my one & only Lord, from my long climb.
    Natasha Stewart

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Natasha! He will never let us down! That's for sure. I am so excited you're doing the discipleship process!