Monday, August 23, 2010

1600 Salvations in Angola!

I had the opportunity to go to Angola, Africa with the Jesus Film Project for two weeks this summer with 9 other people. We went to Luena, which is a town in the province of Moxico in eastern Angola. While we were there we showed the film 6 times in different villages, we shared our testimonies to crowds anywhere from 500 to 1500 people, over 5400 people heard the Gospel and over 1600 people put their trust in Jesus Christ accepting Him as their personal Lord and Savior! In order to show the film, we would bring in a screen, speakers, a 16 mm projector, lights, and a generator; all of which worked every night. We were the first team to show the “Jesus” film in the Chokwe language! Throughout the trip, I kept thinking about Matthew 9:37, “the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” This could not have been truer on our trip. The people we met and the villages we went to were so hungry for God. These people have had the complete Bible in Chokwe only since 1990. God has worked in big ways in the hearts of the Chokwe people, but there are still many who haven’t heard the name of Jesus (or as they say, Yesu)! At the last film showing there were about 650 people (which was one of our smaller showings). At the end, the Pastor asked if anyone wanted to accept Christ to come forward. One man practically ran up to the front and then more and more people, about 200, made their way up to accept Christ. The pastor then led them through a prayer to accept Christ, which they repeated aloud. As soon as the prayer began our team realized that people were repeating the prayer all around us, not just the people who went to the front. This was such a powerful moment; all we could do was stand in awe of God at work and praise Him for moving in the lives of the Chokwe people. At the end of the night, we estimated that 350 people accepted Christ! Over half of the audience! God opened my eyes to the way He not only answers prayers faithfully, but He does it with power! My perspective of God has expanded because of what I saw Him do in Angola – both in the lives of the Chokwe people and in the lives of my teammates and I! These stories are just the start of what I saw God do. I hope to have the chance to share more stories and pictures with you in the future.

Erin Mulcare

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  1. That is amazing Erin. We were praying for you and are so proud of you! God is so good. For those of you who don't know Erin Mulcare she is one of our leadership students in our ministry here at FLC. Praise God for your awesome trip. You'll have to share more stories with us on the blog!