Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Post Office Evangelism!

This is a great example of transitioning through the 4 sound barriers. The day before yesterday I was busy but had to get a letter in the mail overnighted. I found the longest line I've ever seen at the post office and if it hadn't been so important to send this I would have left. A few moments later the man standing behind me (his name was John) asked me whether I knew if the packing cylinder he was holding was the smallest available. It looked like it. I asked what he was sending and he said, "a painting." I asked what he painted. He told me this painting was of the Zuni Rain Dancers. I asked if that was an aspect of his religious beliefs. He said yes. I told him I thought it was interesting and that as a non-native I hadn't heard much about the rain dancers. He kept explaining. That opened up an opportunity to tell him that I was a non-denominational Christian. I asked what experience he's had with Christianity. He said, "none." I told him our friend Mikquel's favorite lines (she's a Native) - that Jesus was not a white man, that He was a tribal member and that His message was relevant to Natives. I explained the gospel briefly and then asked how his tribe dealt with the sin problem. He told me they have Katchina whippers that whip you for your sins during ceremonies. I asked if that ever removes his sin and he said, "no." I said, "that is how your tribe tries to deal with sin and others might try other ways but none of the things we try ever truly take away our sins." He agreed. I told him only Jesus completely paid for our sins. He then said the most important thing to his tribe is family and I added, "that's the whole point of Jesus' message - He died for our sins so that anyone who asks His forgiveness and asks Him to come into their lives will be included in God's family." Right about that point I got to the front of the line, now thankful it had been so long as it gave us time for a very good conversation. I didn't get to go through barrier #4 but have John's number and plan on getting in touch with him soon. During the whole conversation, the lady behind him (who I recognized from church) had been insinuating with her eyes that she was praying for the conversation. Before I left the store she said, "my husband and I heard you speak on evangelism at church and where so touched. Thank you for this!" (Lee, if your reading this thank you for praying and jumping into the conversation there at the end!) You can listen to that message below. Anyway, it is so obvious that God was working in John's life and it was equally exciting to be able to practically demonstrate what I recently got to speak about at church. Finally, it is always exciting sharing in line because everyone else in line get's to hear the gospel (it's like a 15 for 1 deal!!!). Thank you God for this awesome opportunity (Col.4:5). Please pray John comes to know Jesus! Also, don't miss the last post (below this one) about Erin Mulcares recent trip to Angola!

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