Saturday, August 20, 2011

18 Creative ways to reach your workplace for Christ

For many, the workplace is the sphere of influence God has strategically placed them in to make Him known! It is not a ministry to be shunned but rather a purpose to be embraced. You have an unbelievable opportunity to reach the people you work with every day for Christ. Your daily good attitude and Christlikeness will show them Christ in a way few will ever see. 

That being said, here are a few practical workplace evangelism ideas. I hope you have a blast trusting God to use you in big ways at the office (or wherever you work) and I really hope these ideas help!

1. Put something on your door and/or walls that will point to Christ; then be ready to share when people ask. Make sure to change it up every so often to keep the conversations happening. While I was working in the office world I put the Passion of the Christ poster up (it was showing then) and it started a ton of conversations. 

2. Talk good about your spouse. People will notice and ask why. Seriously, people can hardly believe it when you talk up your spouse and it is a great opportunity to tell them about the reason for your great relationship - Jesus!

3. Communicate your sense of purpose. Every Monday my co-workers would say, “another day another dollar” or something like that. Communicate your passion for serving God both at work and while away and you’ll find yourself sharing the reason for that purpose very often. Click here for more thoughts on that!

4. Talk good about your co-workers and boss. Avoiding the workplace gossip mill will speak volumes about your character and bring up opportunities to talk about why you respect those individuals. 

5. Pray before your meals - it will get peoples’ attention and lead to evangelistic conversations.

6. Walk in integrity. Work hard. Don’t cheat. Don't live a hypocritical life. Once, some of my co-workers tried to get me to go to a strip bar. I wouldn't join them and it opened up a great opportunity to share why. Your Christ-like behavior will definitely point to Jesus - just make sure to speak the gospel as well (1 Peter 2:12). 

7. Serve in your workplace. Replace the water, carpool to work, make coffee, clean messes, carry heavy loads, get the mail, etc. Basically, be the person in your office that does the small things that no one else will. It will speak volumes. 

8. Start a lunch time Bible study. You could even do an evangelistic Bible study and invite your co-workers to join you. Get a great example here

9. Keep a Bible on your desk or in view wherever you happen to work. While in college, a co-worker at a snowboard shop saw my Bible and began asking about it. She put her trust in Christ, in tears, that night. She then brought her boyfriend to church, introduced him to me and he also became a Christian. Your Bible will open up a ton of conversations. 

10. Wear a Christian t-shirt with an evangelistic message on casual fridays or whenever your job provides an opportunity for that. If that isn’t an option, wear a Christian bracelet or something that could spark a conversation. Check out more on that here

11. Be there to talk when co-workers are going through tough times and situations. Be relatable. Ask how people are doing. Take a genuine interest in their lives. Then, share the hope you have with them. 

12. Listen to Christian radio and/or messages in the office, car or wherever people will have a chance to overhear you. 

13. Invite your co-workers to church or some other Christian events where they will hear the gospel. Get more on that here

14. Bring Christ into conversations you're already having at work. Get more thoughts and teaching on this here and more here. Just use transition questions to work through the sound barriers to bring conversations about sports, movies, music, news or other issues back to Christ. 

15. Ask how you can pray for a co-worker. Get more on that here

16. Brag on God: Tell your co-workers what God has done and is doing in your life. Check out Brag on God Fridays on Share your testimony with your coworkers. 

17. Give evangelistic gifts and/or cards at Christmas parties, going away parties and other celebrations. Get more on that here. This is one of our Christmas evangelism ideas

18. Put a verse or Christian quote on the signature portion of your workplace e-mails. People put all sorts of junk in their signatures - why not use that as an opportunity to share. You could also try some of the internet evangelism ideas we've shared in your workplace. Check those out here

The bottom line: if you're willing, God will open up huge opportunities for you to share Christ with your co-workers. Be respectful but do take the initiative! Love them like Christ does and they won't be able to wait to talk to you about Him! Have a blast reaching your sphere of influence for Christ! 


  1. Great, Great post!!!! I love all of these. I need to do more where I work. thanks for these ideas.

  2. Thanks again Kelly! Glad to hear it. You could check the 137 easy, fun and creative evangelism ideas tab at the top of the page for tons of other ideas on sharing your faith. Please let us know what God does as you apply these ideas and share any ideas you have with us! Thanks again!

  3. Awesome stuff!!! I have been so encouraged and spurred on by every article on tis site! Thank you so much, keep them coming please!