Wednesday, April 20, 2011

14 Fun Easter Evangelism Ideas!

Happy Easter! Easter is here and what a great time to share your faith! I am listing several Easter evangelism ideas below. Some of these came from Campus Crusade for Christ's 10 Easter evangelism ideas and's 6 Easter evangelism ideas. Each of those posts have other ideas I haven't listed here and we've also added a few of our own. I figured it would be easiest to put them into one post in stead of trying to cram them into 12 posts over the next few days.

1. Do an Easter Egg hunt with Resurrection Eggs (buy them here). Invite friends' and Relatives' kids over and share the real reason for Easter! This activity will open up conversations with the parents about the gospel as well.

2. Invite people to a sunrise service or your church's Easter service. Get info on that here.

3. Share the evidence. There are a ton of great reasons to believe, with confidence, that Jesus rose from that grave 2,000 years ago. Share those evidences with your friends. Our "God Solution" radio show will focus on that evidence this week. Check out this post with more ideas on this topic. Get this week's God Solution show on that topic below (and get our notes, with a lot of the evidence, here). Please click here and share this link with friends that you think would be interested in hearing the evidence for Easter.

5. Give out a great book. Lee Stroble's "The Case for Easter" would be a great little handout. You can get it here (in bulk) for $1.50 each. "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist" would also be a good choice. Include a good card.

6. Give out a great DVD. You could give them "The Passion of the Christ" (get them ridiculously cheap here) or something different. Include a good card.

7. Create an Easter gift basket for friends, co-workers, kids or neighbors. Include an invite to your church, reading material about easter or a movie (you could include some of the ideas above in this gift basket or just keep it simple).

8. Share a short Easter message online (you could use our online evangelism ideas here).

9. Ask someone if they celebrate Easter. You could modify this Christmas evangelism idea for Easter.

10. Host a Passover celebration. This is a fun, interesting and unique cultural experience that most of your friends would love to be invited to. Here are few ideas for getting started. A lot of churches are starting to do this so you could invite people to a local Passover celebration if there is one happening in your city. We'll be doing one here (get the facebook invite here). The main point is to bring Christ and the Gospel into every aspect of the meal. Check out this short video on Christ in the Passover.

11. Host an Easter celebration. Go all out. Host a huge Easter meal and gat-together. Invite friends, neighbors and relatives. Then, make sure to mention the reason for the celebration.

12. You could also bake a bunch of Easter cookies and share them, and the gospel, with friends. Get more info on that here.

13. Witness at Church!!! Get more on that here. 

14. After Easter, ask people you see next week what they did for Easter. This will open up a conversation about Easter that you can then bring back to the Gospel.

Well, I hope you enjoy applying these 12 evangelism ideas. Whatever you do, please demolish the number one reason people don't believe Jesus rose from the dead. Let me know if you have any others to add to the list and please let us know how it goes when you try these! Check out the video below and have a great day!

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