Monday, April 18, 2011

The main reason people don't believe Jesus rose from the dead

Springtime, colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies? Nope; that isn't what Easter is all about. The reason it has become that is simple. There is really convincing evidence Jesus did NOT rise from the dead. That evidence is the lives of countless millions of Americans living as if their faith were nothing more than a secular holiday. When we live like Easter is fiction we affirm the unbelief of those around us. If we could jut get a hold of the reality and truth of what we're celebrating this week this country and world would be turned upside down! I will be posting several good Easter evangelism ideas this week but wanted to encourage you, before we even get there, to determine in your heart to live like Easter is true - if we can get there, we won't be able to help but talk about Jesus! So here are a few links to get you started. I shared a lot of evidences for the resurrection in the this talk a while back. Our "God Solution" radio show will focus on this topic this week (you DON'T want to miss it - we'll discuss divergent resurrection accounts in the Gospels, evidences for the resurrection and much more). Listen to the MP3 below:

I will be posting several Easter evangelism ideas this week (get those here) but for now, check out these 10 Easter ideas from CCC and these 6 Easter ideas from It's going to be a great week. Growing up in Romania, people would begin saying, "Cristos a inviat" (Christ has risen) about a month before Easter. The response went, "Adevarat a inviat" (it is true that He is risen). As I close out this post I encourage you, "Christ has risen, it is true that He has risen!" Let's live and talk like it!

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