Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to Share the Gospel in a Conversation About the News.

Talking about what's happening in the news is one of the best opportunities you'll have on a regular basis to share the Good News. Whatever the news story might be, follow these tips to begin working through the sound barriers to get to the gospel.

1) When discussing bad news or a seemingly hopeless situation, ask the person your talking with what their hope is. That will lead to a conversation about hope and an easy opportunity to share the only true hope.

2. Look for any connections the story has to Christianity or Jesus. Are there Christians involved? Are the issues related to scripture (does scripture discuss these types of issues)? Is there Bible Prophecy related to this topic? Once you find a connection, bring it up while you discuss the topic.

3. Tell whoever you're talking to that you are praying for this topic or issue. Discuss the significance of prayer and how you've seen God answer prayer.

4. Take a stand on an issue. So much of what is in the news is controversial. When you take a stand on an issue and then relate it to your faith, taking the time to explain why, you'll easily find opportunities to share the Good News as a result.

5. Write a letter to the editor about something in the news and share the Gospel with your whole town. See more on that, including my example, here.

6. Related to idea #5, you could also post a comment on any news story on most online papers. Share the gospel in that comment. See more about that here.

Well, those are just a few ways I try to get to the Gospel when I find myself discussing different issues in the news. Hope it helps. Please share any ideas you have. Check out some of the previous ideas we've shared below.

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