Monday, February 7, 2011

Way to go Greg Jennings!!!

Yesterday we shared several Super Bowl evangelism ideas (check those out here). Thanks Lacey for the heads up on Greg Jennings. I missed this interview last night. Anyway, Greg Jennings was the 1st Packer to be interviewed after the game. After being asked a few questions by the interviewer his very first answer was, "to God be the glory!" You can watch that in the youtube clip below, starting at minute 5:24. He goes on to answer the question concluding his remarks, at minute 5:49 yet again with, "to God be the glory." You can see his touchdown clips below the interview (notice how the 1st thing he does after each is to kneel and thank God). If you're talking about the Super Bowl with friends today, ask if they saw what he said and what they thought about it. Start with that great intro to the Good News and then just work through the sound barriers. Get 86 more evangelism ideas here and have a great day!

P.S. Get all the commercials here and watch the Super Bowl highlights here.

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