Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Egypt: A Great Opportunity to Share the Good News!

Everyone is talking about Egypt and all the political unrest in the Middle East. These conversations are a great way to bring up the Good News. Next time you find yourself in a conversation about all that's happening in Egypt, tell those you're talking with that a lot of this is prophesied in the Bible. You can share Is.19, especially verses 20-25 with them. That will bring up the topic of Biblical prophecy. You can go on to share how prophetically accurate the Bible is. Even now Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled in amazing accuracy. A recent example is that of Israel becoming a nation in a single day: prophesied in Is.66:8 and fulfilled by on May, 14, 1948. For more on the reliability of scripture and tons of great points you could bring up in this type of conversation, click here and check out more on understanding the times here. The main point would be to work through the sound barriers once you're discussing the situation in the Middle East today! Finally, praise God for what He is doing in the Muslim world. 16,000 + Muslims are trusting Christ every day (and if you click that link you'll actually get some stories of the revival going on in Egypt)! Check out the video below for more on that and have a GREAT time sharing your faith today!

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