Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to Help New Believers Share Their Faith!

How do you disciple a younger believer to share their faith? Get some great answers to that in this post by Sarah Bowler on Thanks Sarah for the great ideas. The ideas she shares are tried and true! While you're thinking about this topic, check out the video below of Joseph after he shared for the 1st time (this is the Soularium idea he mentions. One of the people he shared with that day became a Christian shortly afterwards). He's now leading a skeptics evangelistic Bible study on campus (they meet tonight actually, pray for him) and he is usually the last one to leave our weekly evangelism times (he was sharing till 6 last Thursday). For any of you that are leaders out there, we can't just tell people to share, we have to get them in the action. Check out Sarah's post for more! Finally, in addition to Sarah's great points check out these great ideas for sharing the Good News. Variety in approaches and tools can make a huge difference when helping someone develop a lifestyle of evangelism.

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