Saturday, July 30, 2011

Septic Tanks!

I spent last week working at Three Trails Ranch (the Great Commission Training Center). We can't wait for it to be completed. Some ministry is beginning to take place and the work continues. The picture to the left is of me, yesterday, helping Brandon Akins with the plumbing (I've never done plumbing before). It was an interesting experience and, those of you who know I hate spiders will know, I conquered the fear of black widows under the bunkhouse (ha ha!). There actually weren't any at all down there. We also got the septic tank for the bunkhouse installed yesterday - that was an amazing thing to watch (the crane lifting a 23,000 lb concrete box into place - see the picture below). It has been interesting for me, someone who knows virtually nothing about construction to be helping out up there this week. As we've been working I can't help but have an eternal perspective about it all. The septic tank we put in, Lord willing, will be there, as people are being trained for ministry, long after we're all dead. Here's that picture:

As I consider the impacts this place will have for God's Kingdom, decades into the future, I am confident that every hour worked at the Ranch, every nail pounded, every ditch dug will have eternal fruit and with that confidence I am inspired to work as unto the Lord, not for men. 

You might not be an "out in front" leader and you might think God can't use your gifts but I am more convinced than ever that God can use whatever talents you have, which He gave you for a purpose, to advance His kingdom. I hope you get a chance to use your talents for Him this week, whatever they are! Check out more on that below and have a GREAT day!

Investing your talents: 

Faithful with little for the sake of the little:

Living with an eternal perspective:

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