Saturday, July 30, 2011

Debt Ceilings and God's Provision!

I'm sure many of you could use some encouragement about the economy. With the debt ceiling talks going on and numerous economic indicators looking worse than ever, there is still hope and you can share that hope with those around you! You can transition any conversation, including ones about the economy, back to the gospel following these easy steps. You could pray for a friend with financial needs, or help them with those needs. You could bless a waitress with a generous tip or find any of a number of other ways to bless others during this recession. The bottom line is to be intentional about sharing the hope you have with others during these harder times. Finally, in case you're forgetting that hope, check out the messages below, they're sure to encourage you a ton! Rejoice in the Lord and share your joy with those around you!

Hope during the recession in the economy:

God still provides:

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