Saturday, August 21, 2010

Multiplying Spiritual Multipliers!

For years, every time Erin and I drove through town I would daydream about beginning an MPM training center. About 2 years ago, after a ton of prayer, God led us to set goals to raise $1,000,000 and begin a training and internship center. Within 3 weeks of setting those goals God opened the door for us to acquire the Three Trails Ranch property!!! After all the contractors got back with us and each of their totals were added up independently, the amount needed came to $1,000,000! God faithfully provided the $1,000,000 (listen to the story titled "God still provides" below this paragraph). It has been a year since this ministry closed on the property and a lot has been done but more work is needed and we are trusting God to complete the work of getting the property usable. We are hoping to begin the 1st MPM internship program there next fall.

Our desire is to equip the Body of Christ towards His Great Commission through cutting edge applicable training. We hope this will be a sort of technical school of ministry. There are tons of great schools of theology but far too few schools that will give people solid training in evangelism, discipleship and fulfilling the Great Commission. That is what we want to do. We love doing practical training! These are just a few recent examples of evangelism trainings (and we couple these with application): Evangelism reasons, bringing Christ into any conversation, using good tools, navigating through conversations, bearing 100 times more fruit for God, sharing your testimony and evangelism Q&A. We also love developing resources that will be great tools in multiplication. One great example is the MPM discipleship packet (also check out the updated student version). This is our passion.

Our hope is that Three Trails Ranch will become a place where multiplying spiritual multipliers will happen until Christ returns and we hope this place will outlive each of us. I wanted to post about the Ranch today because we are having a huge open house BBQ with tons of free food there this Saturday afternoon. I hope you'll join us. Come any time after 1 pm. Call me at 970-946-9045 for info and directions. If you live in the area I hope you'll join us. Either way, check out the video below (this is the video we put together when we were raising money for the project) and more on the Ranch here. Please pray God will do great things at this awesome facility. I hope you are having a great time sharing your faith and I hope you have an awesome weekend!

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