Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Morning Evangelism!

We had a fun time out sharing on the streets of Durango this morning. We usually do a leaders' prayer time Tuesday mornings but occasionally will go out witnessing (of course, you can pray while you share!!!). That's what we did today. We never seem to have many people join us for the evangelism times. Before today we had never had more than 1 person show up on these morning evangelism times. Today 2 joined me so that was great!!! We've done city-wide evangelism before it just seems it is hard to get leaders to come in the morning. Chelsea and Jachin came and we had a great time witnessing to Rick, Aianna, Bev (pictured above with Chelsea) and the Archuletas. We chose not to use any tools but instead to just meet people, start conversations and then transition through the sound barriers. Each of these people were at dramatically different spots in their spiritual journeys but bottom line was that they all had a hunger for God. One wanted to start fresh with God, one needed encouragement in her faith, the Archuletas were believers but wanted prayer and the 4th is contemplating a relationship with Jesus but not yet ready to take that step. Like always, God is working in peoples' lives and it was great getting to be a part of that! I hope you'll take the initiative to go sharing with some friends in your town soon too!!!

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