Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

I've mentioned my Dad before on this blog, scripture he taught me, how he led our family in ministry and even a recent story of someone he led to Christ at work. The picture on the left is a recent pic of my Dad and his wife Chin holding my beautiful daughters. Today is my Dad's birthday and I didn't want to mis s the opportunity to say Happy Birthday and to acknowledge that my Dad taught me to Share my faith by showing me how to do it. My parents would take us witnessing even when we were very young and they always encouraged us to share as well. My Dad has had a passion for reaching the lost as far back as I can remember. Dad, thank you for all the scripture you made us memorize as kids and for living an example of desiring and following God. Thank you for teaching me at a young age to share my faith. Happy Birthday Dad! I love you a ton!

Don't miss our show, "The God Solution" on KDUR this morning. I will mention my Dad on the show as well. It will be a great show titled "The 5 Reasons Naturalism Fails."

Happy Birthday Dad!

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