Tuesday, December 14, 2010

John is Dead

This is an unbelievably sad story but one that we can all learn a lot from. My dad, John Herbst, has been a bus driver for the city of Grand Junction for about a year now. He has always been a great example of evangelism to me. He was even put in jail, in Las Vegas, in the 70s for sharing the Good News and led our family for 13 years in full time ministry. He has been taking the initiative to share the gospel with different people he meets riding his bus and he'll often go to work early just to get some extra time to share the gospel with them (in fact he went to work early today to share with a homeless man that rides his bus). He had been sharing with a different homeless man, also named John, for quite a while. Last week he tried to give the man a Gospel of John but John said he wasn't ready for it yet. My dad said, "no problem," and spent a few extra minutes just going through the gospel with the man. Just yesterday my dad learned (from the homeless man he's witnessing to this morning) that John passed away during the night this past Sunday.

We never know how much longer we or those around us have and this story reminds me of the importance of making the most of every opportunity (Col.4:5). The reality of life and death should give us an eternal perspective that motivates all we do and say. Eternity is so real!

Dad, I am so proud of you for taking the initiative to share with John and even though he wasn't ready to trust Christ a week ago I hope he came to that place before he died Sunday night. If you're reading this today, please pray for the man my dad is sharing with right this moment; pray he would come to know Jesus as his Savior.

Before you go, check out these ideas for sharing your faith over the holidays and get even more ideas here - then apply them and tell us how it goes. I can't wait to hear the stories. Finally, for a Biblical perspective on the reality of Heaven and hell, check out this link or just watch the video below:

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  1. I have known Nate's dad since middle of 1980 and he has been a real hero and example to me. He has always been bold in his sharing the gospel and a man of true conviction. John, keep up the good work! We love you, John and Anna