Monday, October 4, 2010

Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

(That picture is actually from last April - we forgot to get one this weekend). An eternal perspective based on scripture will radically effect how we live this life and how we reach the lost. Because of that, we spent our retreat this past weekend on the topics of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. Of course, scripture doesn't talk about Purgatory, we just listed that as a theme because we were a couple of minutes from the Purgatory ski resort (and we wanted to clear up misconceptions people had about eternity). It was a great time. Watch the videos, listen to the MP3's and get the notes below. The talk on hell clears up a ton of misconceptions many of us have been hearing lately. The heaven talk will leave you so excited for heaven you'll hardly be able to wait (you'll probably find yourself with Paul's attitude in Phil.1:23). We challenged students that the reality of a heaven and hell should encourage us to live with an eternal perspective and concluded Sunday morning by watching "the Bema" (if you haven't seen it, order it here). Get a video of what retreats are like below and check out the talks and student stories below that.

What the Bible really says about Heaven - Erin summarizes Randy Alcorn's book (listen below or get the notes here):

What the Bible Really says about Hell (listen below or get the notes and video here):

Dakota's story:

Ashlie's Story:

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