Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Commission Conviction #3 (8/24/08)

The Great Commission is possible in modern USA. Schedules are busy but God foresaw that when He gave us the Great Commission. He doesn’t command us to what He doesn’t empower us for (Acts 1:8). We need to pray for more workers but also as Christian leaders we must develop the next generation of multipliers (2Tim.2:2). Conviction #3 - We must realize and accept by faith that His Great Commission is possible here and now regardless of schedules, cultural peculiarities or any other conflicts. We can’t conform the Great Commission to the average American’s schedule if that conflicts with the Great Commission. We can however be wise about finding ways to make the Great Commission happen inside the pre-existing framework of the modern schedule. Many Americans are busy but we can’t buy the whole hour and a half a week stat; many people watch TV hours each day. Christians will be salt and light, they will stand out as different in their society.

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